One Of The Few Regrets Of My Life

I never invested in myself in my past.

I always knew what others needed. I never questioned what I needed.

I’d hesitate to spend money on myself. I still do. I thought, “I’ll do it when everything feels right”. As days went by that day never came. I realized that the perfect day is never going to come and that I must invest a lot in myself because by not doing this I was giving a message to others as well as myself that I don’t matter.

We all must go after what we need.

By investing in myself I started respecting my needs more. I stopped brushing them off.

Few investments that we can start with:

  • Scalp massage, combing hair and deep conditioning.
  • Moisturizing our hands and feet. Taking good care of them. Transformation begins with grooming
  • Cleansing our face whenever required and moisturizing
  • Buying and wearing only those clothes which look good on us ( not because they are easily available)
  • Taking treatments for healthy skin and hair, if necessary
  • Eating nutritious food and drinking water
  • Maintaining hygiene
  • Pursuing our passions or interests
  • Going out with friends or family members, who deliberately want to be a part of our life
  • Making memories
  • Smiling whenever possible. Saying “it’s ok” now and then
  • Forgiving ourselves for all the regrets and mistakes

Treat yourself nice.

On my journey of unlearning