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Please speak with people in your life.

There is no need to impress them with your amazing skills,

there is no need to make them feel proud of you,

there is no need to shower them with your money or your accomplishments.

You don’t have to be the best or extraordinary,

…or possess any supernatural powers.

There’s no need for any tags, medals, certificates, or costly presents.

Your time and a smile,

a simple “How are you doing?”.

That is all that’s required.

Hold their hands and speak to them.

Be there for them.

It’s not small talk.

It’s beyond…


What does high mean to you?

What is your “high”?

Someone achieving their highest state of self-expression is a result of their self-reflection, understanding themselves, networking with like-minded people, building relations, and of course, effort, to realize their aspirations.

The problem is emotionally vulnerable people tend to chase after other’s highs, which they find attractive, with all the halo and glitters. I did the same.

I had chased after something considered “cool” by many. I never really considered the option of understanding what my “high” is.

My truest form of self-expression and my potential.

In this process, I became…

Cold Breezes,

Night Sky and Clouds,

Stars and the Moon,

Tall Trees and Green Grass,

Wind blowing through Leaves…and sound of it!

Your Amazing Body,

People who love you Unconditionally,

Ocean and seas….those Waves!

Smell of your favorite Food….

……anything, that you love unconditionally.

They exist.

They await your attention.

Walking in circles.

Running in circles.

Committing another mistake to correct previous mistakes.

Again and again.

Ending up at the same place, always.

Hurting myself, torturing myself.

Making my mind, body, soul do things they don’t want to.

Doesn’t smile anymore. Doesn’t dance anymore.

Silenced the child within me, successfully, forever.


Unable to undo this. Don’t know how to.

Life not lively anymore.

Break this circle?


Not sure anymore.

No way out of this drama?

No way to let the child live her life again?

Beginning with the end in mind, learning to be at peace with myself. This is the agenda for my life ahead. Find your niche.

The parenting style of our parents has a greater impact on our lives, beyond our imagination. Childhood issues need to be dealt with, carefully. You must seek professional help if required.

Your life changes dramatically when you update the yardsticks you use to measure yourself and others, in various areas of your life. Whose standards am I following? Are they mine of someone else’s? You stop putting people and things on a pedestal. …

The biggest lesson or takeaway from COVID19 is the exposure of faults in different structures and systems across the world. One of them is our education system.

Children are forced to make career choices at such a young age when they have no clue about themselves, their personalities are not yet developed and they are not mature enough to think about what is good for them screwing them up for life. Many adults are incapable of making wise choices. This is a major fault of the prevailing education systems in many countries.

Schools don’t teach the necessary skills. Not many…

I never invested in myself in my past.

I always knew what others needed. I never questioned what I needed.

I’d hesitate to spend money on myself. I still do. I thought, “I’ll do it when everything feels right”. As days went by that day never came. I realized that the perfect day is never going to come and that I must invest a lot in myself because by not doing this I was giving a message to others as well as myself that I don’t matter.

We all must go after what we need.

By investing in myself I…

  • The way we breathe
  • Days of youth
  • Our health
  • Our parents
  • People who care about us, want to be a part of our journey of life and help us grow
  • What we put into our bodies or consume mindlessly
  • Playing with our beloved pets and children
  • Our interests, inclinations and priorities
  • Our disinclinations
  • Nature’s creations

Give time to things which matter, not taking them for granted.

If we take care of these aspects (health and wisdom), wealth will be automatically taken care of.

We don’t have to chase after wealth.

This video ( changed the way I perceive myself. This happened by chance. I wouldn’t have searched for it. I never knew how much I needed that video at that point of time in my life. It answered many of my questions. People who are not the best versions of themselves right now should watch it. This is the reason why I consider it lesson number one.

You could be the real enemy in your life. You could be the one sabotaging your life and letting others inside your head. …

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We are often told that we must be grateful for everything that we possess at the moment.

Gratitude sure makes us focus on larger issues of the society rather than being selfish and obsessed with our problems.

That’s what most of them say.

Sure. Gratitude is a process that makes us humble and keeps us grounded.

But when we are grateful for life to the extent that we become numb to any kind of pain, it’s time to stop, step back and ask ourselves,

“Should I be grateful for what happened right now? Why am I feeling this weird sadness?”


On my journey of unlearning

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